France has stood out as a land of refinement. Rediscover this heritage
Its accessories line revisits some symbols of elegance with a contemporary touch.
The products are manufactured in handpicked workshops,
famous for
their expertise and know-how, passed on through generations.
THE FRENCH GAME only works with noble raw materials for itsaccessories.
The label offers timeless pieces in harmony with its

Versailles' gardens


After Second World War,
people need enlightment.
Popular waltz are an opportuinity to celebrate love and happiness.

A that time a man loved to wear his beautiful braces.
During a memorable waltz, the story says that
he got disarmed by the charisma of a lady...
My grandfather had just met my grandmother.

For my eighteenth birthday,
my grandfather offered me one of his pair of braces.
For 10 years, I got a huge success wearing those braces around the world.



The French Game believes that style builds itself throughout time, in balance with our identity.
We believe that it is possible to work directly with family workshops from the 1950s.
Those  transmit their knowledge from generation to generation, by selecting noble materials to offer quality products.
The authenticity and timelessness constitutes the DNA of our house and dictate each one of our creation.



The research?

In Great Britain, there is a specific knowledge on full grain leather parts which helps staring buttons on pants. We gave to a 3 generation saddler family the confection of our infamous accessory : the suspenders. Knowing his expertise, we also decided to let him make our belts.

Men & women

Our workshops have a family culture. The company was established in 1946 working with small leather goods. Nowadays it continues to fulfill its love for leather. Strong in its expertise, it creates high quality products. The workshop never ceased to grow.

Astiquage manuel d'une ceinture

Hand work on the leather

The raw material?

The leather used is tanned in Italy with a vegetal process. This process respects the environment and allows the leather to get a nice polished aspect throughout the years, pledge of its authenticity.

Skins tanned and cut


The researches?

Bavaria is a region abundant in water, which is necessary for the treatment of wool. The Bavarians are known for the quality of their work and their constant perfection.

Men & Women

A very warm welcome always awaits during our visits to the team in our german workshop. The rythmic noise of their looms and the precision of their machines reminds us of the rigor of their success. The two days spent with the team allowed us to measure the human dimension of this company. In a hallway we ran into the owner, whom welcomes his workers every morning. Despite its success due to the quality of his products, this family company tried for two centuries to preserve its knowledge, a pillar of its identity.

Tissage XIX siecle
Control of the looms

The raw material?

The secret of a quality thin scarf  is mostly due to its components. We chose to work with virgin sheep wool. Which concentrate a high level of lanolin. This allows the fabric to «breathe» and offers enhanced isolation.

Wool threads


The researches?

The hosiery is the art of making beanies and also socks. Historically, France has been famous for this know-how. So, we decided to chose this heritage by developing our collection with one of the last existing French beanie craftsman, in Limousin.

Atelier tricotage 1950
Our hosiery in the 1950s

Men & Women

The workshop is mainly automatic, however the human keeps an important place to control the process. The knitting and the quality of the products are the main concerns. The experience of our employees transpires in our products for 3 generations now.


The raw material?

The cotton thread we use to make our socks is processed in Italy. This high quality cotton is mercerized and certified without toxic elements (OEKO TEX standards). The thread is mercerized, meaning the fabric breathes more. This gives is a shiny and refined aspect and makes it thicker. The mesh created uses a 14 gauge.

Bobines de fil de coton
Cotton threads

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