The French Game offers a dressing room of high-end accessories for the elegant man.


TO CREATE unique accessories in harmony with our identity.
TO TRANSMIT exceptional know-how through authentic pieces in partnership with French and European workshops.
Authenticity and timelessness are The French Game's DNA and dictate each of our creations.


"I believe that style is built on pieces that stand the test of time, in harmony with our identity. I believe it's possible to work directly with family-run workshops with skills handed down from generation to generation, selecting noble materials to offer unique, authentic pieces."


After the Second World War, people were in need of enchantment. Popular balls were the occasion to celebrate joy and love. During a memorable waltz, a woman is said to have bewildered him with her charm... My grandfather had just met my grandmother. For my 18th birthday, my grandfather gave me one of his pairs of suspenders. THE FRENCH GAME was in the making.


"I grew up in Paris, in a family of bon vivants who passed on to me a passion for French fashion and its history. I trained as an engineer, but the call of artistic creation was always in the back of my mind.
When I was 18, I inherited my grandfather's suspenders. For me, it was the beginning of a love affair with style. I began to match my suspenders to my socks, adopting my grandfather's legacy of elegance with a modern twist.
When I was 20, I went on exchange to Mexico. It was the first time I'd taken the French Touch with me. I went on to work in India, Singapore and Brazil, and in all these countries, I continued to emphasize French elegance, subtly tying a stole or matching socks with shirt buttons. The key accessory has always been my grandfather's pair of suspenders. That's how I discovered the universality and strength of French style on the international scene.
On my return to France, I sought out exceptional workshops to create my own brand of elegant French accessories. That was the birth of The French Game."

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